One-legged Iowa teen wrestler eyeing NCAA title

By USA Today Staff March 20, 2017
INDIANOLA, IA — Kobey Pritchard has overcome a lot.

He is a state-level competitive wrestler who is a force to be reckoned with on the mat.

Training to get to that level takes dedication and self-discipline. For Pritchard, he has the added hurdle of maneuvering with only one leg.

When Pritchard was in kindergarten, sarcoma forced doctors to remove his leg. The cancer stayed away but the prosthesis was uncomfortable, so he opted for arm crutches.

Now a teenager, he trains with his crutches, and he trains hard.

His hands, wrists, and forearms are shaped by callouses that form when you sprint, lift weights and work out on crutches.

His toughness and determination have taken him far, but he’s not done yet. Pritchard plans on one-day winning an NCAA championship.