Spotlight Q&A: Ahrens savors grand slam shot

The Des Moines Register
Blair Schilling,

Last month, Indianola’s Ryan Ahrens achieved a feat that most Little League players dream about — he connected for a grand slam home run to help lift his team to victory.

For Ahrens, a graduated senior in his final season of high school athletics, the four-run shot at Oskaloosa on June 12 marked the first time he had hit a home run over the fence in his baseball career.

Ahrens, a catcher and designated hitter, recently answered a few questions in a phone interview with the RHT about his grand slam blast and the season as well as other topics:

How do you feel the season is going for your team?

I feel like it’s going really well. We’re coming together really well as a team and we’ve put a lot of work in in the off-season and honestly it’s really paying off.

What was it like to hit your first home run?

It was weird. I had a low, outside pitch … I was just thinking, “hit it deep into the outfield” and the next thing I know I’m rounding first and heading to second and the umpire is going home run signal and my coach is jumping and I’m like “there’s no way.” I’m just jogging and there’s no way this is a home run, that wasn’t a home run pitch by any means. It was kind of crazy.

How do you think the year is going for yourself personally?

Pretty good. I worked really hard this offseason and honestly I think it’s starting to pay off — kind of showing in that home run. I have my ups and downs, of course, but I think I’m having a pretty good season.

What are your plans for after the baseball season?

I’m going to Iowa State for mechanical engineering.

Other than baseball are you involved in any other sports or activities?

I played golf (in high school). I do a lot of hunting and fishing and I also snowboard.

Favorite pro sports team?

Angels for baseball and I like the Chargers for football because I was born out in California.

What kind of music do like? What have you been listening to recently?

If I’m just relaxing and hanging out with friends probably country but for workouts I usually go with rap — something a little bit more up-pace to kind of get in the mood.